How to Declutter Your Home Workbook

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How to Declutter Your Home Workbook is the ultimate guide to help you claim back your space, your peace of mind, and gain back control of your life! This 32 page workbook includes get started guides, room by room checklists, a maintenance plan, and labels to help you organize when you declutter. 

In this beautifully designed workbook, I share easy step-by-step tips to organizing and decluttering but I also encourage you to make peace with the emotional part of decluttering. In the Step 1, we address the reasons why we hold onto things. Then in Step 2, we get into strategies to organize and declutter, that are easy to follow and remember. For Step 3, you'll find checklists for every room in the house, things to declutter, a document cheat sheet, and digital decluttering. Step 4 is about maintenance, how to to stay organized in the long run. Lastly, Step 5 includes labels that will help you get organized while you are decluttering.

Step 1: Let It Go Mindset

Step 2: Declutter Strategy

Step 3: Declutter Checklists

Step 4: Maintenance

Step 5: Labels

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